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2017 Visual Arts Nominees

Here are the 2017 Visual Arts Nominees!

Diane Reminder, Artios of Grand Haven
“Genius” (India Ink)
Allyson Richards, Calvary Christian
“Resound” (Colored Pencil)
Molly Veenstra, Fremont
“Growth” (Acrylic on Shutter Door)
Hailey Tuttle, Fruitport
“An Elephants Shadow” (Watercolor and Colored Pencil)
Eileen Carmolli, Grand Haven
“June Hydrangea” (Watercolor)
Sarah St. Arnold, Grant
“Capturing the Memories” (Colored Pencil)
Lesly Guerrero, Hart
“Silent Cry for Help” (Mixed Media)
Olivia Prado, Hesperia
“Undoubtedly Unseen” (Oil on Canvas)
Sydney Armstrong, Holton
“Unexpected Love” (Graphite)
Kristyn Norton, Mason County Central
“Grow Away” (Clay)
Jordan Goodman, Mason County Eastern
“What’s ‘Running’ Through You” (Mixed Media)
Samara Hernandez, Mona Shores
“Her Flourishing Corpse” (Watercolor)
Margaret Innis, Muskegon Catholic Central
“Certain Light” (Acrylic on Wood Panel)
Zosia Mackey, Muskegon
“Always a Target” (Acrylic and Charcoal on Fabric)
DeAnna Strong, Newaygo
“Left or Right?” (Mixed Media)
Kelly Torz, North Muskegon
“Snowy Night” (Digital Art)
Sebastian Phimmasane, OAISD Careerline Tech Center
“Reflection” (Pen and Ink)
Murphy Goins, Oakridge
“Negative Projection” (Mixed Media)
Leum Campbell, Orchard View
“Sunday’s at Westboro” (Mixed Media)
Meagan Grondsma, Pentwater
“Anatomy Series: Ballad of a Girl and her Mind” (Mixed Media)
Camryn Rogers, Ravenna
“Rose Colored Glasses” (Acrylic)
Noel Sheffer, Reeths-Puffer
“Harmonic Imbalance” (Mixed Media)
Lillian Baker, Shelby
“Island Hopping” (Watercolor)
Isabel Donnelly, Spring Lake
“For us.” (Mixed Media)
Dayana Arredondo, Walkerville
“Coffee in Paris” (Digital Art)
Holly Gould, Western Michigan Christian
“Beauty” (Pencil)
Matthew Reynolds, White Cloud
“IJN Battleship Yamato” (Colored Pencil)
Danielle Jurcich, Whitehall
“International Rose Gardens” (Acrylic)