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2020 Digital Media Arts Nominees

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before watching.

Fruitport High School – “Beads With a Story” (2:09)

Created by: Justin Miller

Synopsis: Short form interview-style micro documentary on a West Michigan native (Macy Shwander) explaining and answering questions about her business, Macy Meraki.

Holton High School – “Leroy Allen” (10:33)

Created by: Paige Byrnes, Alexia Stewart, Abby Wisniewski, and Emma Wisniewski

Synopsis: In the short film “Leroy Allen,” a young girl asks her older sister to read her a book that she found titled: Leroy Allen. Leroy Allen is about a teenage boy named Leroy who goes missing. His friends Kimmy and Angela go looking for him, but end up finding much more.

Mona Shores High School – “The Underneath” (8:39)

Created by: Dade Breuker, Connor Fritz, and Will Urban

Synopsis: Two spelunkers find danger hidden underneath their high school.

Muskegon Heights Academy – “Jaiden Williams – Youth of the Year” (1:15)

Created by: Ashton Smith, Javontae Villareal, David Wallace, and Dareon Williams

Synopsis: Interview with Jaiden Williams, who won the Boys & Girls Club Youth of Year Contest.

OAISD Careerline Tech Center – “Papeles” (19:03)

Created by: Dafny Estupinan, Alec Mares, and Alexus Ortiz

Synopsis: “Papeles” is a film about the struggles and worries that Hispanics and Latinos in America have to constantly think about and worry about. This powerful film shows this from a different viewpoint.

Pentwater High School – “Social Media and Teenagers?” (7:51)

Created by: Haley Powers and Alexis Settler

Synopsis: “Social Media and Teenagers?” is about how social media is affecting teenagers. Several teens are interviewed and asked the same questions.

White Cloud High School – “What is White Cloud?” (6:18)

Created by: Abygail Derks, Rylee Hewitt, Sophie Kehr, Valerie Saville

Synopsis: We created a documentary featuring the town of White Cloud, it’s history, and vision for it’s future. Many people think that White Cloud is just a small town with limited possibilities, but that is far from the truth. We interviewed commissioners, librarians, and even the mayor. White Cloud is full of amazing people. It may be small, but it has so much life.