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2020 Visual Arts Nominees

Painting of young man with lit match hanging from his mouth.
“Match” (Acrylic on Canvas)
Skylar Ziegler, Artios Academy of Grand Haven
Stylized drawing of young person holding up their heart as loved ones watch from below.
“Leaving Behind and Taking In” (Ink and Marker)
Elijah Wynn, OAISD Careerline Tech Center
Four drawings and a sculpture of figures in various pieces. They are connected by ribbon.
“With Strings Attached” (Mixed Media)
Megan Zelenka, Grand Haven High School
Drawing of a castle from the viewpoint of the drawbridge.
“Untitled” (Graphite)
Amya Allen, Hart High School
Vertical strips of natural patterns including monarch butterfly wings, birch bark, and flowers.
“Humanization” (Mixed Media)
Hannah Thompson, Holton High School
Statue of Liberty with a sash that reads "We the People" in front of a red, white, and blue ribbon and the U.S. Capitol building.
“We the People” (Marker)
Kendall Davidson, Muskegon Area Career Tech Center
Young couple in suit and dress in front of a diner and teal classic car.
“A Dream” (Acrylic)
Adrianna Malburg, Mason County Eastern High School
Photograph of two steer skulls on the ground surrounded by leaves.
“Unveiling” (Digital Photography)
Violet Renna, Montague High School
Anime-style drawing of a young man's profile. He's wearing a mask.
“Man in a Mask” (Pencil)
Cornell Fletcher, Muskegon Heights Academy
A broken violin with music notes escaping on a golden background.
“Finessed in Gold” (Mixed Media)
Jaala Duncan, North Muskegon High School
15 figures in yellow jumpsuits on either side of a person dressed in all red whose face has a symbol of Islam. Background has a tall wall, fencing, and a Chinese flag.
“Ecdysis” (Acrylic and Marker)
Aliyah Spicer, Orchard View High School
Thin young woman with worried expression surrounded by words and tentacle mouths.
“Never Enough” (Graphite)
Brooke Shirey, Ravenna High School
Two canvas paintings combine to show a person's face with a colorful mask covering their upper face.
“Open Minded” (Acrylic)
Yasmin Tomas, Shelby High School
Drawing of sunflowers surrounded by vines that go onto the matting.
“The Outs” (Paper and Pen)
Phoebe Benson, Spring Lake High School
Young woman with mirrored glasses with flowers floating above her head.
“Modern Flower Child” (Mixed Media)
Grace Stout, Whitehall High School
Three prints showing various bathrooms.
“Bathrooms” (Printmaking)
Sophia Bassett, Calvary Christian School
Cut paper arranged to form a red bicycle. Rolling hills in background.
“The Meadow” (Cut Paper)
Katie Sanborn, Fremont High School
Scenes showing a young woman finding support from others. Flowers are interwoven throughout the scenes.
“Grow Again” (Mixed Media)
Alicia Ralya, Fruitport High School
Drawing of young man with smoke or vapor coming from his mouth, surrounded by vegetation.
“what do i see” (Pencil)
Delaney Cronk, Grant High School
Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice.
“RBG” (Watercolor)
Aria Thomas, Hesperia High School
Painting of a gazebo on a lakefront with cityscape behind.
“July 14, 2019” (Watercolor and Marker)
Madelyn Maycroft, Kent City High School
Traditional Polish dress with flower headband.
“Polska księżniczka” (Textile and Beads)
Jennie Golaszewski, Mason County Central High School
Drawing of a deserted, tight alleyway littered with trash.
“Wyngsanorrian Back Alley” (Graphite Pencil)
Zachary Schnotala, Mona Shores High School
Five drawings of a young woman's face. Four are unraveling to various amounts.
“Helix” (Pencil and Charcoal)
Ava Asmus, Muskegon Catholic Central High School
Three young African-American men with halo's above their heads.
“Three Kings” (Graphite)
Samarri Knox, Muskegon High School
Three drawings of various cartoonish characters.
“What I See When I Close My Eyes” (Watercolor Pen and Marker)
Camber Tanis, Oakridge High School
Young man with three sets of hands pulling at him from different directions.
“Biracial” (Graphite Pencil and Paint Pen)
Lucas Quinteros, Pentwater High School
Scene of an art studio with sketches covering a wall, easel with partial drawing and stool surrounded by canvas'.
“The Art Studio” (Mixed Media)
Loretta Kersten, Reeths-Puffer High School
Drawing of a werewolf snarling in front of the moon.
“Full Moon” (Charcoal)
Jenna Drum, Walkerville High School
Drawing of a martini and gun surrounded by a bloody aperture.
“Bond” (Acrylic)
Lydia Geigle, White Cloud High School