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2021 Literary Arts Nominees

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before reading.

Artios of Grand Haven – Frankie Kendziera – “Hendrick Road” and “Love is a Verb” (Poetry)

Fremont High School – Isabella Ross – “Junk Drawer” and “I Present to You the Tooth Performer” (Poetry)

Fruitport High School – Cassia Berry – “At Least She Flew” (Fiction)

Grand Haven High School – Fiona Dean – “Hearts of Broken Beasts” (Fiction)

Grant High School – Liberty Malone – “Autumn Leaves” (Fiction)

Hart High School – Wynn Sanders – “Silence Falls on New Alexandria” (Fiction)

Hesperia High School – McKenna LaCount – “Icarus”, “Grief”, and “The Class of 2021” (Poetry)

Holton High School – Georgia Casteel – “Burt and His Bitter Berries” (Fiction)

Homeschool – Clyde Kelly – “A Day” (Non-Fiction)

Mason County Eastern High School – Elisa Barry – “Summer’s End” and “My Life is My Own” (Poetry)

Mona Shores High School – Sidney Gould – “Can You See Me?” (Fiction)

Montague High School – August Hawley – “anatomy”, “Self Baptism”, and “The Art of Healing” (Poetry)

Muskegon High School – JaKhia Mitchell – “Poetry Analysis” (Non-Fiction)

North Muskegon High School – Audrey Wilson – “House of Firsts” (Non-Fiction)

Ravenna High School – Ryanne Varso – “The Adventures of Florida Man and Spleens The Great Pancake Thievery” (Fiction)

Reeths-Puffer High School – Andrew Hayes – “Goats on Boats”, “An approximation of the location of my home.”, and “The Mallard” (Poetry)

Spring Lake High School – Kailey Kuhlman – “Letter to the Dandelion”, “Lavender Love”, and “The Earth Beneath Us” (Poetry)

White Cloud – Janessa Shepard – “Rain” (Poetry)

Whitehall High School – Joseph Heckman – “Thoughts over a Cigarette” (Non-Fiction)