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2022 Digital Media Arts Nominees

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before watching.

Fremont High School – “Mental Illness” (16:26)

Created by: Emma Robart

Synopsis: My video will be about how depression affects my mom’s life and how she lives with it every day.

Mona Shores High School – “CHECK.” (4:16)

Created by: Erik Kubicek

Synopsis: The short film ‘CHECK.’ follows a troubled young boy while he has a moral argument with his father, all while playing a game of chess. The two reopen wounds not only for themselves, but also reopen wounds over the loss of the boy’s mother. The story comes to a climactic conclusion in which the characters find themselves at their most vulnerable, and reach a saddening stalemate. The story addresses the trauma in losing a loved one not only within, but also within the most important of relationships.

Muskegon High School – “Andrew’s comedy skit.” (5:10)

Created by: Andrew Potter

Synopsis: My comedy skit talks about funny wifi passwords. I used the joke concept of “Who’s on first?” originally made by Abbott and Costello. My version has some lines similar to the version Jeff Dunham had done in 2020. I am not going to say that this was my own original joke but I am giving the original makers the credit for the joke concept.

North Muskegon High School – “One Thing About High School” (6:54)

Created by: Trystan Guerrero

Synopsis: Looking back on high school as our time is about to be done.

Pentwater High School – “Don’t Overcook Pizza” (7:58)

Created by: Leonardo Lozano, Haley Powers, Alivia Kolenda, and Alexis Settler

Synopsis: A young woman discovers that everyone in the world has disappeared and she is alone in a town where the citizens are guilty.

Spring Lake High School – “Memories” (3:24)

Created by: Grace Kleppe

Synopsis: Someone once said to treat your sadness as a guest. Let it in, comfort it, and when you’re ready, let it go. One thing about sadness is what we can learn from it. We create new memories from the sadness, from the experience we share with it. These are videos collected over the years, stitched together to tell the story that, yes, sometimes sadness and grief take a toll on us; however, we can either learn and make new memories, or let it control us.

White Cloud High School – “Don’t Text and Drive” (2:17)

Created by: Aleeya Grifford, Sydnee Ochs, and John Sidor

Synopsis: A group of teens go for an afternoon drive and make some poor decisions. The driver’s decision to text and drive results in a car accident. White Cloud High School Media Club students explain the dangers of distracted driving, and the ways in which teens can prevent these poor decisions.