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2022 Literary Arts Nominees

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before reading.

Calvary Christian School – Elisha McKee – “Without You?”, “Can’t be without you”, “Where do I go with my emptiness?”

Fremont High School – Kaitlyn Bergman – “I Am From”, “Inside Me”, “The Count Down”

Fruitport High School – Adam Beerawi – “The Black Door at the End of the White Hallway”

Grand Haven High School – Kaitlan Balsam – “How It Feels to be Seen”, “What is Life Without the Sun?”, “Days Pass Like Foggy Dreams I Can’t Quite Remember”

Grant High School – Rachel Roossinck – “Influential People Change the World Around Them”

Hart High School – Audrianna Enns – “Flight”, “Magic”, “Time”

Hesperia High School – Trinity Flanery – ” naiveté”, “the death of self”, “generosity”

Mason County Eastern High School – Sydney Gage – “I Remember”

Montague High School – August Hawley – “jouska”, “i leave everything unfinished (but i guess that’s better than nothing)”, “in which i write the same poem again”

Muskegon High School – Kylee Northrop – “The Ruins “, “Her reflection “, “”

North Muskegon High School – Kelty Blastic – “Vernon”

Ravenna High School – Gabrielle Van Wesep – “1-800-273-8255” (Content Warning: Suicide)

Reeths-Puffer High School – Emma Dibble – “Golden “, “A Modern Take On Art”, “A Letter From My Heart To My Brain”

Spring Lake High School – Haley Brosnan – “Sin”, “Death”, “Rebirth”

Whitehall High School – Lacey Herbert – “Creation of Adam”, “changing room mirrors”, “amazing grace”