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2023 Literary Arts Nominees

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before reading.

Artios Academies of West Michigan – Frankie Kendziera – “In the Gloaming”

Calvary Christian School – Kamea Sutherland – “The Crimson Smile”

Fremont High School – Madison Schamber – “Pursue”

Fruitport High School – Adam Beerawi – “The World”

Grand Haven High School – Avery Rant – “Requiem”

Grant High School – Austin Whitney – “Integrity”

Hart High School – Amelia Tuinstra – “The Journey”

Hesperia High School – Leticia Pinales – “The war above”, “Faulty Wiring”, “Home”

Holton High School – Aiden Potter – “When I Saw the Moon”

Mason County Central High School – Charlie Banks – “The Effects of Stress on Student-Athletes”

Mason County Eastern High School – Kennady Tyler – “Time to let go”, “The effects of simple kindness”, “Pluviophile”

Mona Shores High School – Maddox Schaner-Follett – “The Dreambringer”

Montague High School – Ak Davey – “Love (A Slam Poem)”, “Stepping Stone”, “The Timeline of Hope”

Muskegon High School – Adelyn (Addie) Witmer – “Conversations With a Father”

North Muskegon High School – Jaley Schultz – “The Problem with Perfection”

Oakridge High School – Aleena Minor – “Living with Myself”

Pentwater High School – Eliana Mandarano – “Reality Was My Dream”, “Thank You Letter To The One Who Never Cared”, “Too Human”

Ravenna High School – Raelyn Olsen – “Stone Crusher”

Reeths-Puffer High School – Aidan Roberson – “A Father’s Forged Bond”

Spring Lake High School – Abigail Uganski – “The Old Man on Pontaluna Road”

White Cloud High School – Aleyiah Desnoyers – “Waking Up”, “Anchors in Time”, “Isolation”

Whitehall High School – Brielle Kohlbeck – “every single weekend”

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