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Digital Media Arts (Video)

Digital Media Arts (Video) Nominees must complete the following.

1. Send us a picture of yourself.

This picture will be used in the Showcase program and in a video introduction during the show.

Your picture should not be modified or filtered in any way. It will be cropped to 300×450 pixels. See the picture guidelines image below.

Student Photo Poses-01

2. Tell us about yourself.

The information you submit will keep us in contact and your on-stage introduction will be written from this information.

3. One per school: Tell us about and send us your Digital Media Arts entry. (Due April 16, 2021)

We want to know the title, length, and synopsis of your entry. You will also provide a link to the YouTube upload of your entry on this form.

4. Send us Talent Release forms for any actors in your entry.

Please use this Talent Release form. Anyone under 18 will need a parent or guardian’s permission as well.