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Performing Arts – Solo/Duo

Performing Arts – Solo/Duo Nominees must complete the following. Click on the underlined headers below to access and fill out the Google Form.

1. Send us a picture of yourself.

This picture will be used in the Showcase program and in a video introduction during the show.

Your picture should not be modified or filtered in any way. It will be cropped to 300×450 pixels. See the picture guidelines image below.

Student Photo Poses-01

2. Tell us about yourself.

The information you submit will keep us in contact and your on-stage introduction will be written from this information.

3. Soloists/Leader of a Duet: Tell us about your act.

We want to know the title, genre, and length of your act for the program and our judges.

This form should only be completed once for each act.

4. If you have pre-recorded music you will need to upload it on the above form.

The track should be NO LONGER THAN 4 minutes AND either be in MP3 format or a link to a YouTube video.

5. Attend the Performing Arts Workshop.

You will be assigned to come to the Frauenthal Center for a specific time slot during one of these times:

Mon., Feb. 27, 2023 – Between 5pm-9pm (OR)
Sat., Mar. 4, 2023 – Between 9am – 3:00pm

During the workshop, we’ll get a chance to see your act and what you will require for the show. You’ll also get advice from professionals in your medium.