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West Michigan Student Showcase Posts

2019 Visual Arts Nominees

Abigail Bair
Artios of Grand Haven
“You’re Busted!” (Clay)
Alexandria Assaad
Calvary Christian School
“Moments” (Mixed Media)
Savannah Bachert
OAISD Careerline Tech Center
“What Cannot Be Wept” (Acrylic and Colored Pencil)
Megan Adsmond
Fremont High School
“Open for Business” (Digital Photography)
Jordyn Jones
Fruitport High School
“I’m not posing I swear.” (Oil)
Hanna Bryant
Grand Haven High School
“Raw Beauty” (White Charcoal)
Ashley Bearup
Grant High School
“Eyes” (Watercolor)
Isabel Finch
Hart High School
“The Opaque Serenity” (Acrylic on Wood)
Trinity Flanery
Hesperia High School
“Tundra” (Mixed Media)
Cassidy Armstrong
Holton High School
“The Ugly Truth” (Oil Pastel)
Hannah Van Wert
Kent City High School
“A Diamond is a Girl’s Best Friend” (Graphite Pencil)
Anna Gwiazdowski
Ludington High School
“Embrace the Unknown” (Oil)
Kara Rowley
Muskegon Area Career Tech Center
“Heart SUV” (Pen/Watercolor)
Ashley Metheny
Mason County Central High School
“Cereal Portrait” (Cereal Collage)
Samantha Goodman
Mason County Eastern High School
“Life of the Bikini Bottom” (Mixed Media)
Benjamin Kendall
Mona Shores High School
“It Could Happen to You” (Graphite)
Karley Leek
Montague High School
“Zodiac” (Acrylic on Fabric)
Macey Gabrielson
Muskegon Catholic Central High School
“Dare to Be Different” (Metal Wire)
Nataly Torres-Laureano
Muskegon Heights Public School Academy
“For Friendship There is No Color” (Acrylic)
Kimberly Duncan
Muskegon High School
“Glow-Vibe” (Acrylic)
Kathryn Kepner
North Muskegon High School
“Arisen” (Acrylic)
Serena Fairbrother
Oakridge High School
“Still Climbing” (Acrylic)
Noah Rebedew-Velez
Orchard View High School
“Primordial Rays” (Watercolor and Ink
Meagan Grondsma
Pentwater High School
“Boxes” (Clay)
Katelyn Vanderwoude
Ravenna High School
“See the Sea” (Clay and Glaze)
Cody Neinas
Reeths-Puffer High School
“Aged Emotions” (Graphite and Charcoal)
Sebastian Chimal
Shelby High School
“Three Stripes Equality” (Mixed Media)
Jordyn Barding
Spring Lake High School
“Sub Zero” (Paper Clay)
Jenna Drum
Walkerville High School
“Curious Angel” (Mixed Media)
Isabel Karnes
White Cloud High School
“Loose Change” (Acrylic on Pennies)
Grace Breckler
Whitehall High School
“The Touch” (Watercolor)
Holly Gould
Western MI Christian High School
“My Kind(a) People” (Mixed Media)

2019 Digital Media Arts Nominees

Here are the 2019 Digital Media Arts Nominees.

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before watching.

Grand Haven High School – Joe Pontarelli, Solomon Schultz, Oscar Sipe, and Brendan Vander Meer – “Chasing Adventure”

Grant High School – Alec Comstock, Jared Evans, and Raymond Gardner – “Danger in the Concrete Jungle”

Mona Shores High School – Brandon DePouw, Nolan Duff, Seth Koeller, and Charlie Milek – “Partially misGuided”

Newaygo High School – Adrian Briones – “OFFSZN: Alec Berwald”

OAISD Careerline Tech Center – Allyson Rogers and Chad Watrous – “Polarized”

Oakridge High School – Dylan Rusco – “Afterlife”

Pentwater High School – Nicole Daniels, Meagan Grondsma, Haley Powers, and Lucas Quinteros – “Felicidad”

Spring Lake High School – Sam Negen – “The Supporters”

2019 Literary Arts Nominees

Here are the 2019 Literary Arts Nominees.

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before reading.

Artios of Grand Haven – Clyde Kelly – “Itching for the Outdoors”

Fremont High School – Jordyn Raymo – “When I’m Older”, “My Skin”, and “Recipe for Modern Education”

Grand Haven High School – Erin Riley – “Balanced”, “Bags”, and “Beside”

Grant High School – Benjamin Dubbink – “Through Your Eyes, We See”

Hart High School – Brooke Schulz – “Fighting for Light”

Hesperia High School – Maeli Cardiff – “Deep Waters”

Holton High School – Abby Wisniewski – “Attack”, “Enough”, and “Pride”

Kent City High School – Alyeska Linsley – “Broken Bottles & Bruises”

Newaygo High School – Makayla Kurtzhals – “Courage of a Lion”

Mason County Central High School – Jillian Mickevich – “Roots”, “Waiting”, and “I Didn’t Plan To Write a Poem About You”

Mason County Eastern High School – Kathryn Nelson – “Lucille”

Mona Shores High School – Connor Fritz – “You are Enough”

Montague High School – Elizabeth Hill – “A Warning”, “Humidity”, and “Unrequited”

Muskegon Catholic Central High School – Noah Jacobs – “Waiting”, “Tag”, and “Once”

North Muskegon High School – Chandler Edwards – “Techno-Virus”, “Team 93”, and “Kumbaya”

Pentwater High School – Madeline Reitsma – “Colors”

Ravenna High School – Laine Rogers – “Station 13”

Reeths-Puffer High School – Sarah Huiber – “Boxed Inside Myself”, “To Faith”, and “The Monster You Make Of Us”

Shelby High School – Marah Olmstead – “The Freedom Wall; A Parody of Robert Frost’s ‘Mending Wall'”

Spring Lake High School – Madelyn Landry – “Phante”

Walkerville High School – Lilly Parker – “Shadows on the Wall”

White Cloud High School – Cheyenne Thompson – “Mending Diet”, “The Day”, and “Colorfeel”

Whitehall High School – Leeanna Burns – “A Sonnet for All Seasons”, “If”, and “What More Needs to Be Said?”

2019 Tickets

Tickets for West Michigan Student Showcase 2019 are now available for purchase!


  • In Advance
    • $8 Adults
    • $5 Students
  • At the Door
    • $10 All Tickets

Show Night

Here’s the list of which schools will be represented on which night:

Wednesday – April 10th – 7:00 pm

  • Fremont High School
  • Fruitport High School
  • Grand Haven High School
  • Hesperia High School
  • Ludington High School
  • Mason County Central High School
  • Mason County Eastern High School
  • Montague High School
  • Muskegon Area Career Tech Center
  • Muskegon Catholic Central High School
  • Muskegon Heights Public School Academy
  • Muskegon High School
  • Newaygo High School
  • North Muskegon High School
  • OAISD Careerline Tech Center
  • Oakridge High School
  • Orchard View High School
  • Ravenna High School
  • Shelby High School
  • Walkerville High School
  • Western MI Christian High School
  • White Cloud High School
  • Whitehall High School

Thursday – April 11th – 7:00 pm

  • Artios of Grand Haven
  • Calvary Christian School
  • Grant High School
  • Hart High School
  • Holton High School
  • Kent City High School
  • Mona Shores High School
  • Pentwater High School
  • Reeths-Puffer High School
  • Spring Lake High School
  • Whitehall Home School Partnership

Note: Awards are presented following the show on Thursday night.

Buying Tickets

Star Tickets

(Additional fees may apply for tickets purchased through StarTickets.)

Showcase 2019 Merchandise

Sample merchandise - baseball Tshirt, yard sign, and hoodie

We have teamed up with The Gear Group to offer some additional merchandise to our Showcase Nominees and their families. You can check out the selection on our Showcase Storefront. We’ve got shirts, hoodies, jackets, and even a yard sign to show your support. A portion of proceeds goes to support the program.

Orders may be placed starting now through March 15th. Once all orders are collected, merchandise will be produced and shipped no later than April 1st.

All student nominees will receive a Showcase T-shirt free of charge.

Showcase 2019

Showcase and Frauenthal logos with "April 10 & 11" text.

Tickets go on sale February 1st!

Join us on April 10 & 11 at 7:00 pm at the Frauenthal Center in Downtown Muskegon!

Showcase 2019 Design Contest Winner

Silhouettes of a video camera, guitar, microphone, dancer, athlete, and trophy on a colored background.

Designed by Andrew Greiner, a senior from the Careerline Tech Center in Ottawa County!

Andrew will receive $100, tickets to the show, two t-shirts, and recognition in our program.

Thank you to all students who entered. We received 56 excellent entries this year, making it a very tough decision!

2018 Showcase Results

Literary Arts

Visual Arts

  • 1st Place – Anna Gwiazdowski, Ludington, “Which One is the Real Me?”
  • 2nd Place – Julia Ojala, Reeths-Puffer High School, “Present”

  • 3rd Place – Tileya Hardmon, Muskegon Heights Academy, “Unfamiliar”
  • Honorable Mention – Caroline White, Mona Shores High School, “Modern Woman”
  • Honorable Mention – Jimmy Cobb, North Muskegon High School, “Suspended Ascent”

Performing Arts – Solo/Duo

  • 1st Place – Kaitlyn Sowles, Grand Haven High School, dance set to “Replaceable” by Sevdaliza
  • 2nd Place – Matthew Leslie, Fruitport High School, marimba solo of “Restless” by Rich O’Meara
  • 3rd Place – Lindsey Bos, Reeths-Puffer High School, clarinet solo of “Variations Sur Un Air Du Pays D’oc” by Louis Cahuzak

Performing Arts – Group

  • 1st Place – “This is Us” featuring Hallie Ackerman, Cassidy Briggs, Ray Brock, Anna Compton, Kyle Goltz, Evan Hodson, Matt Jeroy, Carson Judd, Jonathon Krause, Melanie Lamrock, Elijah Nichols, Madeline Stafford, and Jacob Westerhof – Reeths-Puffer High School, “This is Me” from the movie “The Greatest Showman” by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
  • 2nd Place – James Jordan III, Lindsey Joyce, Tiovanni Knight, and Megan Zelenka – Muskegon Catholic Central High School, “Rewrite the Starts” by Zendaya
  • 3rd Place – “Artios Actors” featuring Breece Hammond, Emily Postma, Josh Postma, and Zoe Thompson – Artios of Grand Haven, original skit entitled “What is Love? A Middle School Drama” written by Breece Hammond

Gary W. Ostrom Showstopper

  • Hesperia High School – Miguel Escobedo, vocal performance of “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” by Dean Martin

2018 Literary Arts Nominees

Here are the 2018 Literary Arts Nominees.

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before reading.

2018 Visual Art Nominees

Here are the 2018 Visual Arts Nominees!

The artwork is on display at the Reception Gallery in the Frauenthal Center (2nd Floor – Hilt Building) through Sunday, April 29th.

Carter Thompson
Artios of Grand Haven

Christine Meyer, Calvary Christian School
“What They Saw” (Acrylic)(Artwork Creation Video)

Nakita Semenetz, Fremont
“Glass Dancer” (Mixed Media)

Maryna Oliinyk, Fruitport
“Strawberry Bouquet” (Colored Pencil)

Cassidy Ryder, Grand Haven
“Petoskey” (Jewelry)

Samantha Lynes, Grant
“Learning to Cope” (Chalk Pastel)

Jenna Lohman, Hart
“Thorns Unseen” (Mixed Media)

Hannah Thompson, Holton
“Destroying” (Graphite)

Ryan Kik, Kent City
“Gastrointestinal Perforation” (Colored Pencil)

Anna Gwiazdowski, Ludington
“Which One is the Real Me?” (Oil)

Megan Briggs, Mason County Central
“Daydream” (Acrylic)

Campbell Shoup, Mason County Eastern
“Fetch?” (Acrylic)

Caroline White, Mona Shores
“Modern Woman” (Collage and Acrylic)

Cari Rasor, Montague
“Sinking” (Acrylic)

Jesus Esquivel, Muskegon
“Commemorated” (Chalk Pastel)

Lindsey Joyce, Muskegon Catholic Central
“Self Portrait: Blooming” (Acrylic)

Tileya Hardmon, Muskegon Heights
“Unfamiliar” (Digital Montage of Facial Art)

DeAnna Strong, Newaygo
“Self Discovery” (Mixed Media)

Jimmy Cobb, North Muskegon
“Suspended Ascent” (Steel)

Olivia Olenzuk, OAISD Careerline Tech Center
“Creative Self-Portrait” (Digital)

Kristen Micko, Oakridge
“Madeline” (Clay)

Michaela Carlisle, Orchard View
“Overflow Garbage” (Mixed Media)

Hannah Gebhart, Pentwater
“The Two of Me” (Graphite)

Zoe Spoelman, Ravenna
“Untitled” (Digital Photography)

Julia Ojala, Reeths-Puffer
“Present” (Colored Pencil)

Sebastian Chimal, Shelby
“Deserted” (Colored Pencil and Ink)

Eric Dunlap, Spring Lake
“Kindred” (Mixed Media)

Holly Gould, Western Michigan Christian
“A Colorful World” (Mixed Media)

Kora Wright, White Cloud
“Growth” (Sculpture)

Madison Bond, Whitehall
“Golden Hour” (Acrylic on Wood)