Sorted alphabetically by school name, then student name.

NOTE: Some entries may contain adult themes. Minors, please ask for parental permission before watching.


Bobbie Johnson, Grant High School

When Jacqueline Durand starts failing her classes, her strange (but charming) Uncle Bernie takes her camping to get a breath of fresh air. While out there, they share the darker parts of their lives. Jacky speaks on her heartbreak, and Bernard tells Jacky about his past as a nomad. In the end, an ancient creature from Bernard’s past comes back for him, leaving Jacky even more alone.


Isaac Rasmussen, Homeschool

My film is about three friends that have a sleep over. The hosting friends dad is out at a work meeting and the boys start to realize something, or somebody else is around. They eventually find this thing out to be a stalking, killer clown, Pogo.


Jacob Schnotala, Mona Shores High School

Three years after earth was destroyed during a vicious war against machines, cold-hearted Xander and his robot servant Metalbrain search the desolate world for resources; but the two find something unexpected, and by far more valuable than a few cans of soup.

"The Seventh"

Jakob Price, Muskegon High School

A high school student becomes the seventh victim of a stalker who befriended her at school.

"A Dreamlike Estate"

Isabelle Powers, Pentwater High School

Our entry is a trivial short film set within the dreams of our main character, Noah. He and his friends, Luna, Rowan, and Natalie go on a road trip and unfortunately their car breaks down. They decide to stay at a nearby inn. While at the inn a lot of unusual things happen.

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